José Lerma Artistic Alchemy: Bringing Background Figures Forward

José Lerma Artistic Alchemy: Bringing Background Figures Forward

José Lerma works his artistic magic in a world of paint and mystery, making portraits that dance on the painting with depth and mystery. Let’s enter his colorful world, where thick acrylic lines tell stories without words and figures appear as mysterious silhouettes.

How to José Lerma Capture Mystery in a Brushstroke Ballet

With a few quick moves, José Lerma shows us his signature style: works with a lot of heavy impasto. Think of thick, textured layers of acrylic paint. Each stroke of the artist’s brush is like a secret being told. As a result? Portraits that trick us by making us wonder who the people in them really are.

Quick and Slick Painting

José Lerma dance with paint is very lively. He doesn’t like to stay. He paints quickly with acrylic paint, which is a dance that needs both speed and accuracy before the paint dries. Noses, lips, and brows are framed by thin lines, and then heavy impasto comes in to show wild hair and interesting accessories.

From the Background to the Front

A lot of the time, José Lerma forms look like silhouettes; they are dark and mysterious. Light and shade are played with by the acrylic paint as it moves along the seams. It bravely goes all the way to the edge of the board and refuses to be contained. Lerma doesn’t just paint; he works like a conductor, and each stroke of his brush adds to the visual music.

How to Read “Fichureos”: A Look into Slang and Art History

The title of the show, “Fichureos,” takes us on a trip through language. It’s a Puerto Rican slang word that comes from the Spanish meaning of “feature.” “Fichureos” in this case refers to shows that are bold and maybe even a little showy. José Lerma gets ideas from the supporting characters in works because he is always interested in art history. The loose, simple strokes that Lerma uses to paint these third-level figures become an inspiration for his art theory.

Where philosophy and subject matter meet

“Fichureos” isn’t just a word to Lerma; it’s a way of life. He becomes deeply interested in the idea of “facture,” which refers to the skillful use of paint and the overall quality of an artwork. The word “fichureos” isn’t just what Lerma paints; it’s also how he paints, a way of life that fills every stroke.

A Trip to Paris: Fichureos on View

Enjoy your walk through the streets of Paris, and don’t miss the chance to see José Lerma magic. The show “Fichureos” opens at Almine Rech’s Turenne site until December 22. Lerma’s art isn’t just on canvases; it also lives on Instagram, where you can get a digital look into his fascinating world.

When acrylic paint is in Lerma’s hands, it becomes a language. And then, each picture whispers stories of mystery, philosophy, and the beauty of figures emerging from the background that aren’t said out loud.