A Comprehensive Guide to Countering Granger in Mobile Legends

A Comprehensive Guide to Countering Granger in Mobile Legends

Hello, respected Mobile Legends teammates! Starting today, let’s go on a journey to find out how to face Granger, the master of marksmanship. Do not be afraid, because every symphony has notes that don’t go together, and we’re going to show you how to mess up Granger’s bullet-filled masterpiece. Hold on tight as we look at how good three heroes are at strategy who are ready to break Granger’s rhythm and turn the tide in your favor.

Countering Granger with Khufra, the biggest party poofer ever:

Think of Khufra as the on-duty bouncer who is ready to stop heroes like Granger from dancing. His Bouncing Ball is the main move; it throws Granger’s carefully planned moves off, leaving him open to attack. To start the party, use Tyrant’s Revenge to make a grand entrance by hitting Granger against the wall with it. Keep up the beat with Bouncing Ball to keep him interested on the dance floor. A wise word: watch out for Granger’s Purify move and, most importantly, always get your friends together for the big fight.

The King of Control, Minsitthar:

Why settle for silence spells when you can have a king who can tell your enemies to stop for a while? Minsitthar’s King’s Calling is a royal message that makes Granger stop in his tracks and face the music. Spear of Glory is used to draw him in during the first KLIK88SLOT act, setting the stage for the big show. With the skill of a master, use King’s Calling to silence Granger’s Rondo and leave him open to your team’s harmonious attack. Slow him down even more with Shield Assault. This makes him an easy target for your Phalanx Mark of the King stuns. Remember that practicing makes better, as any virtuoso will tell you. Mastering Minsitthar’s moves will help you get better, and soon Granger will be able to follow your royal rhythm.

Gusion, the Master of Shadows:

Gusion is the master of deadly combos for those who want a more dramatic ending. His duet of Shadowblade Slaughter and Sword Spike is a whispered threat. It is a deadly combination that quickly drains Granger’s health. If you watch this amazing show again with Incandescence as the finale, you’ll see Granger singing a different song: the anthem of defeat. Just a friendly reminder: Gusion’s combos may take some time to get good at, so don’t give up if you don’t see perfection right away. If you work hard, you’ll soon be able to block Granger’s bullets with the sweet sound of your own combo symphony.

Wait, the symphony doesn’t end here! What we’ve talked about so far in terms of heroes is just the beginning of fighting Granger’s scary music. Teamwork is like a huge orchestra. Work with your friends to make a symphony of control and burst damage. Don’t forget that practice is your best friend. Work on your skills all the time, and soon you’ll be writing the victory song in the Mobile Legends arena!